Steven Senter – Co Founder of IF I DIE YOUNG

Steven is a hero, and he lost his life on 09/05/2016 protecting his girlfriend. For the news article click here

I Kevin, the founder of the organization am writing this in hopes that we can spread the word and grow together the beautiful ideas that Steven had begun to plant.

Steven, Kevin, and Michelle talking about the organization and plans for the Kickstarter on Nov, 23rd 2014

Steven also helped build the Rebel Park Podcast where we encourage others to live transparently and begin a discussion with friends in their lives. We talk with bands about their personal struggles that they have gone through, so that listeners realize the same bands and the same songs that saved their life – those people are just like you and struggle every day. You can listen to some of Stevens wonderful thoughts below.

Steven leaves behind a 6 year old daughter Addy. It’s no secret that Steven had trouble with abusing drugs in his younger years, and spent some time in rehab. Due to these circumstances it made it impossible for Steven to see his daughter.

Steven was in the process of making it possible for him to be apart of his daughters life. During a discussion between Steven and I – if we were going to get the ball rolling on helping Steven step back into Addy’s life – then we are going to help others who are in the same spot. “Addy’s Project” is Steven’s project within the organization to help ex addicts healthily step back into their children’s lives.

Steven’s mom, Michelle Jeffries, asks that during this time instead of buying the family flowers, that you make a donation to the organization to make all of his ideas possible.

IF I DIE YOUNG started on a Tumblr page where we could answer Anonymous messages that are sent in. These are Steven's responses and blogs.

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